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3 Ways to Help Your Child Outgrow their Pacifier


The heartfelt sobbing and desperate pointing can only mean one thing: your little one wants their pacifier! Most children learn to find comfort in pacifiers and breaking that habit is difficult.



Good communication, trying new things and consistency will help your child mature and let go of their pacifier.   



      1.Talk about it –


Discuss with your child what is going to happen  and   why. Remember to maintain eye contact, express    yourself clearly, and repeat the conversation when  necessary. Overall, be positive and make it a point to praise positive attitudes and behavior.




2.Provide Alternative Activities  –


Every child has specific times when they especially miss their pacifier. During these times, help your child to discover new joys. This might include reading a new book, cuddling a special toy or even learning a new game to distract their minds and expand their horizons.


3.Be consistent –




Whether you choose to gradually or abruptly do away with your child’s pacifier, be consistent. Most parents struggle with consistency, but being consistent in word and actions is vital to helping your child feel secure and learn that they can trust you. Most children adjust to being without a pacifier in 5-7 days, so make up your mind now to be kind yet consistent.


Teaching your child to give up their pacifier may seem like an insignificant step, but it is actually an opportunity for them to learn life skills that will help them excel in the years to come.

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