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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Their Skills Sharp During Winter Break

Who says winter break has to disrupt your kids’ learning skills? Here is a list of 5 ways you, as a parent, can help your kids maintain their learning habits and keep them engaged and curious through vacations.


  1. Visit Local Museums

Whether it’s natural history, science, art, or even wax, every museum holds valuable knowledge. Exposing your children to this type of material will enrich their sense of the world and broaden their curiosity. A trip to the museum is a good way to spend a winter day with your children and make sure their interest in learning remains active.


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  1. Turn Regular Errands into Learning Opportunities

Integrate your children in your every-day routine. Have them practice their writing by writing thank-you notes, keep their math skills sharp by helping you calculate change, and teach them a few new vocab words. Whatever it is, try to incorporate a teaching lesson into every day experiences.


  1. Read, Read, Read

Encourage reading; whether it’s stories, poems, magazines, or even simple game instructions. Have your kids read out loud, silently, and even read to them. Expose them to different types of literature and help them find texts they are passionate about. Discuss readings at dinners and add potential historical backgrounds to stories; help tie fiction to real world situations. Make reading a habit. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of books every parent should read to their children.


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  1. Make the Most out of Car Rides

Who said long car rides have to be dreaded? Use long car trips as opportunities to enrich and stimulate your kids’ brain power by playing enlightening games in which they can practice letters and numbers. Play games involving car colors or models or even state license plates. Here is a fun printable template for license plate bingo!


  1. Base activities on their recent school assignments

If your kids just finished covering a certain subject, take a trip to the public library or the movies or even a museum in search of relating material that can help reinforce what they learned. You can also have your children present about these topics and even make quizzes for the rest of the family to take afterwards!


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