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7 Indoor and Outdoor Exercises to Do with Your Kids



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Spring officially arrives at 6:28am EST on Monday March, 20th! What better way to shake off the winter than to get moving in some fun ways?

Here are seven activities and games that are fun and healthy for the whole family.


  • Obstacle course


Plot out a course inside or outside your home—or both. Go over, under, and around furniture (safely, of course); create a pillow pile to jump onto; you could even add a mini challenge they have to do along the way.

You could also set up an obstacle course in your backyard or even a local park. Mark the path with chalk and/or numbered balloons tied to garden stakes. Before the kids do the course, make sure there are no sinkholes or other dangers.


  • Animal races


Channel your inner bear, bunny, and frog, and see who can hop or waddle their way to the finish line first!


  • Freeze dance


Put on your child’s favorite tunes and stop the music every 20 or 30 seconds. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze and hold it until it starts again!


  • Parachute


You don’t need an actual parachute to do this at home; any old sheet will do. Each kid and adult) holds one end of the sheet or parachute and fans it up while one person runs underneath!


  • Clean-up race


Kill two birds with one stone by doing a clean-up race. Put on a song and see how fast you can clean up the room. Everyone wins.


  • Bubble wrap fun


Got some bubble wrap lying around your house? Jump on it until it’s all popped! You can also spend a few months accumulating bubble wrap (or just go out and buy some) to extend the popping time.


  • Hallway bowling


Grab some water bottles and fill them with water (or leave them empty), and use any ball you have. You can also devise a point system to make it competitive.

These activities are great way to exercise and bond with your kids. Happy spring!

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