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7 Things Every School Should Have

What makes a school so special? What should every school have to be considered “good?”



1. Parent Involvement

Parents make up a huge part of their children’s life. They must support them and be aware of all they are learning so that these lessons can be backed up at home. That is why parents are welcome to be involved in the child’s learning experiences at Rock & Roll Daycare. They can attend everything from Montessori Presentations to child development classes and infant massage classes.


2. An amazing music program

Photo by Anna Arteaga
Photo by Anna Arteaga

Music is essential to a child’s development. At Rock & Roll Daycare, the music curriculum is like no other in the Boston area. From infancy through age six, children will be plucking violin strings, dancing to music of different cultures, and rocking out at their peers’ drum solos.


3. Montessori Philosophy


Maria Montessori’s philosophy has been quintessential to education. At Rock & Roll Daycare, staff know how to observe and take care of each child’s needs while helping them expand their curiosity and knowledge of the world. We provide many material objects perfect for kids to discovery sensory motions and activities as tying their shoes, reaching for balance and looking at their reflection in mirrors.


4. Safety


Nowadays, safety is a big concern at any school. That is why we count with video cameras that allow parents to check in on their kids at any time of the day, and a key coded entrance too.


5. Healthy Food

Photo by Anna Arteaga
Photo by Anna Arteaga

A school is a place where children are being nurtured. They are learning, growing, playing and enjoying through various activities and experiences. In order for them to feel great all day, we provide them with healthy, fresh food every day, specially prepared by our very own chef.


6. Convenience

Many parents go off to work after dropping their children at daycare. But they don’t want to be called in the middle of the day because they forgot their child’s snack or diaper bag. That is why we offer all toileting supplies at Rock & Roll Daycare.


7. Cultural Education


The world has become smaller day by day. Every school should teach children about the diversity of cultures that exist, and the rich art we can learn from it. In that way we also teach kids to be ambassadors for world peace.


Now, take out your tissues please, as you read a message from Christopher Vuk, the founder of Rock & Roll Daycare:


“As I saw my daughter for the first time, I played that first note, and the world changed. I had received a gift, and it was now my responsibility to take care of what I’d been given. world song schools began as a gift to my daughter, and now my three sons, and I can’t help but wake up each day knowing that today is a new opportunity to nurture that gift. People often ask what world song schools is, and while we are a music based Montessori school for infants, toddlers, and preschool, my favorite answer is, world song schools is a love story to my children.” -Christopher Vuk, Founder


By Anna Arteaga

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