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Activities to teach toddler life skills

From the moment your child is born you are pretty much doing everything for them. Feeding, dressing, diaper changes…it’s all on you for the simple fact that they can’t do those tasks on their own. But as they get older they can and should begin to learn how to do things on their own. While kids can watch and copy actions, many times they need to be taught simple life skills that will help them function by themselves as they get older.



Here’s a look at some life skills you can start to teach your child.



While your toddler isn’t going to cook you a three-course meal, they can still help you in the kitchen so they can start to get an idea of how things work.




Give them easy tasks like pouring in ingredients or stirring the ingredients in the bowl. As you’re doing things explain to them simply so they can begin to understand how to cook.



Money management



Your toddler isn’t going to balance the family checkbook, but they can begin to realize how much things cost and how to pay for them. Take ten dollars out of their piggy bank and take them to the store so they can buy a treat. Explain that they only have ten dollars to spend. There’s a good chance they’ll pick up items that cost well over ten dollars. It’s your job to explain they don’t have enough money. Soon enough they’ll realize what ten dollars can and can’t buy them.






Clean clothes may seem like they magically appear, but kids need to learn how the whole process works.




Let your child begin to put laundry in the washing machine and dryer and then fold the clothes when they’re clean. Soon enough they’ll start to realize how their dirty clothes get clean again.


Speaking for themselves


You’re probably used to doing all of the talking for your child, but as they get older they need to start learning how to speak for themselves. Teach them when someone asks a question they need to answer. You can also teach them how to order in a restaurant as you teach them how to speak for themselves.


Getting ready


When your child reaches the pre-school age, you can start to teach them how to get ready in the morning. This includes getting clothes ready the night before, dressing in the morning, brushing their teeth and getting their bags ready.




Pretty soon they’ll start telling you that they’re “big boys” and “big girls” and they’ll want to do everything on their own!

When teaching your toddler life skills, you have to remember that what may take you no time at all to do is something new for your child. Be patient and let them get the hang of it themselves. Eventually, they’ll get it and they’ll do it like it’s nothing, just like you!

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