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Allowing creativity in investigation…

This month tiny humans at wss were busy learning about Mexico, enjoying sharpening their senses with sensorial activities and building motor strength. Children work like busy bees during the Montessori work period, when appropriate depending on the age group, inside their classrooms. They take their work outdoors to explore too.  All children, especially toddlers and preschoolers enjoy movement and gross motor activities daily both in and outdoors.

In the younger toddler rooms, children are beginning to speak and learning the names of healthy fruits.

Showing different apples and bananas


Matching them together

Children are also beginning to eat more foods at this age, here they are having a fruit tasting! They talked about healthy vs unhealthy foods and looked at My fruit book. 

They are learning simple sign language words such as Thank you, finish and more. They also looked at many Dr Seuss books in honor of Dr Seuss’ Birthday.

As the weather began changing, Toddlers started exploring clouds and rain. They explored wet and dry surfaces and worked on self care through many practical life exercises; wiping the windows, cleaning the table and hand washing.

Working on a multi-media cloud project involving pasting, painting and spraying.


Cloud senstation- Cool whip fun!


Helping to clean the tables before snack time


Exploring water beads

In another classroom children explored the Lifecycle of a Butterfly by talking about Metamorphosis. They read and used Eric Carle’s The very hungry caterpillar as inspiration for art. They also made sombreros by stringing beads and hanging them from hats, as part of the Mexican cultural unit.


A science work: Sink Vs float with different objects


Practicing cutting and tearing


Exploring plants for inspiration


Working on some number matching

Older toddlers were more festive with some hats for St Patricks day and practiced their Spanish songs for Mexico.

Color mixing on the windows


Practicing Spanish songs in music class, with some movement


Reading Dr Seuss


Exploring the sensory bin


Really enjoyed practicing balance while attempting to walk on shaving cream

Preschoolers were busy problem solving and critical thinking while also exploring their creative sides. They got to go outside on a nature walk and investigate whether plants have begun budding and brought back some to explore. They then looked at some non fiction books to identify different phases of plant growth. They also began violin lessons during music class and made their personally crafted violins.

Guessing whats inside the mystery bag by listening to the sound it makes


Exploring arctic animals in ice. Children used salt water in pipettes to melt the ice and free the animals


Using the pink tower and brown stairs to do some problem solving- building structures to get “red people” and “green people” moving about freely on a bridge


Painting inside yarn art


Drawing pictures of our family during drawing class


Buttoning flowers


Making some play dough together


Sorting objects into different sound baskets


Completed the 100’s board

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