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Bound for South Australia

Welcoming a new friend to the classroom, taking a moment to say hello. Here is how early our social interactions begin!


Our music specialist Kimberly is great at creating close bonds with the babies, she even practices peaceful yoga with them and allows them to explore her instruments. Children get plenty of opportunities to hear sounds of various instruments during music classes.


Infants always enjoy the best sensorial activities prepared by the teachers, this month they got to explore with balls in a pit, water play, and various textures too.


They also practiced their gross motor time, some impressed us with their growth by going from tummy time to rolling over to beginning to crawl, some went from army crawling to hands and knees, while others took their first foot steps. We felt so lucky to see all the babies ready to move around with confidence.


Exploring scarves in a box


Toddlers are taking full advantage of spring. This month they learned how to play basketball at the park. A basketball theme is the perfect time to incorporate eye-hand coordination activities, it even helped with socializing with others. During the game children learned how to dribble the ball as well as passed the ball.


For the Month of May and June, we are learning about Australia, Home of the Great Barrier Reef! Here, we have one of our students using a homemade didgeridoo which Ms Alice Brough in during music time! A didgeridoo is a long hollow wooden instrument which was originally crafted by the Aboriginals.


Working on the Australia flag
Carefully working on some dot-art paintings, inspired by dot painting in Australia
Telling a story to a friend, by drawing aboriginal symbols in a sand tray.


At the end of the month we also participated in a Road Truck Show at a nearby Park where toddlers were able to get a closer look at the trucks our community helpers drive by sitting in the vehicles, exploring the interiors, and identifying the different types of trucks.


Here, we have one of our students who is preparing for her baby brother’s arrival!at home. She is using practical life skills at school so one day she can feed her own little sibling!


In a toddler A room, have been serving themselves and each other during meals and cleaning new places. If you give a toddler a wipe, they will clean almost anywhere!
Children learned about insect and plant lifecycles throughout Rock and Roll. Here, Ms Cole is presenting various lifecycles to Preschool during morning Circle, right before music time.
Toddler children also spend time learning about the butterfly life cycle. They read The very hungry caterpillar which quickly became a class favorite, and they continued using it as a theme for the month.

Each center and classroom also received live caterpillar eggs to allow children to observe the process of metamorphosis. Some children also observed lady bugs!


Preschoolers have been working very hard on their letters and shapes.



Practicing setting up the table and a picnic while using conversation with grace and courtesy! Children in preschool have been preparing for their annual Spring Tea even in June- they are so excited to serve drinks and snacks to their family and friends.


Preschool observed seeds grow roots and germinate, as well as seeds turn into plants. Here a preschooler is transferring sprouted shoots into a bigger container- hoping to eat some strawberries soon!
Preschoolers go the opportunity to learn about still life and chose to draw inanimate objects or flowers- they focused on lines and shapes and foreground and background too.

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