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Feeling the Earth

Alas! The long-awaited season of Spring is finally here which means our tiny humans can finally begin exploring their surroundings. We took a big interest in Earth week in April and discussed many ways of taking care of our environment.

Children also had their Mexican international night where they sang and danced their hearts out with a Mariachi band and some Mexican dancers! Scroll through the blog to see more pictures.

Ms Kenia’s classroom is known to be the best decorated with all the twoddlers (infant+toddler) art work and pictures! They have a structured classroom too as we believe predictability in a child’s routine is key for consistency in learning. They enjoy a brief Montessori work period every morning with age appropriate activities and plenty of guidance with ms Dashawna too.

Some hard work during their Montessori work period, developing strength in their fingers here.


“B” is for ball, with Ms Kenia

Toddlers also explored “The Earth” and some nature with dirt seeds and flowers! They used all 5 of their senses to investigate how ┬áplants grow and what they really feel like.

Exploring dirt and bean seeds


After exploring all this dirt with seeds and water, children decided to put them in pots/bags and soon plants sprouted! They then continued to observe and talk about the different parts and colors of plants. Children noticed how the bean seed opens up and splits into two, this was fascinating for them!

Just some spring cleaning happening


They continued their planting theme by painting with flowers, they paid attention to kinds of design made by different patterns


Using their senses of smell and touch to feel and smell real flowers with Ms Shelly

Some of our older Toddlers showed interest in construction so their teachers decided to plan a unit around it. Children explored names and pictures of various construction vehicles and tools and even got to see some in action, how lucky! By being prompted to say the respective names children also got to work on their speech and vocabulary development.

Handy man tools!


A puzzler those tools..


Painting with trucks and markers, truck art? – Ms Nayera


Watching an entire water line being installed, checking out construction vehicles nearby

Preschool had a wonderful month wrapping up Mexico by learning about female Mexican artists and preparing for their concert.

They investigated insects, with a focus on caterpillars and butterflies to welcome their newest class pets at the end of the month! We’re very excited for our new country, India, and to finally have some spring weather to continue our gardening on the porch!

Carefully watching those caterpillars and every phase of metamorphosis.

They extended this part of their curriculum by also learning about gardening and the impact bugs have in gardening. We planted in our classroom and replanted our celery scraps in our new porch garden.

Watching the seeds bud

Throughout this students continued to learn as well as helped our new friends who we’ve been welcoming into the classroom to continue learning and implementing our science terms and practicing their observation skills with Ms Tasha.


In another preschool classroom, teachers and children found different ways to work, outside the confines of a table and chair! Some children are so active and we believe providing more “standing” work spaces helps get energy out and also further develops motor movement.

Children use the classroom window to paint and draw, and also do window washing once they are all done.
Catching the burglar by following the numbers
A two-friend sticker wall where children work together to make stories

In preparation for our spring tea, children practiced pouring and serving themselves and others and used polite conversation too.

Screwing and twisting together those nutty bolts.

We have an outdoor mini-garden which children were able to use, they first prepared the soil by digging it and mixing all the old soil, then planted some seeds. We are very eager for our flowers to emerge!

Here, children are finding objects around the room which match their color tablets, another “moving” work which allows children to walk freely around the room, interacting and playing while working!


Older children used a big work with some letters and objects


Highlights from International night

Preschool choir singing in Spanish, following Photos by Maria Grunwald.

Check in next time for some Spring tea highlights!

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