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How to Make Halloween Healthier Without Cutting Down on Trick-or-Treating

October is here and Halloween is right around the corner! Soon streets will be flooded by superheroes and witches in a determined search for sweets. With candy starting to take over counters at the supermarket, here are a few tips to manage and ease your kid’s impending and seemingly inevitable sugar rush.


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Before trick-or-treating.

  • Make sure your kids eat a good, healthy meal before going out. Going trick-or-treating on an empty stomach will result in your kids filling up on candy. Contrastingly, if your kids have a good meal before going out, they will have a lower temptation to overindulge on sweets.


  • State the basics. Make a plan with your kids about what will happen with the candy they will collect. Maybe agree to one piece a day; you can make a fun calendar to help them understand that their candy should last them some time. Make it clear that it is not all to be eaten in one night. This is a good opportunity to talk about healthy eating habits and the consequences of too much sugar.


  • Walk, walk, walk. Take advantage of trick-or-treating and plan out a walkable route you can take with your kids. Encourage exercise instead of driving them around and get your kids active. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes!


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After trick-or-treating.


  • Distribute the sweets. Use this as an opportunity to teach your children the value of sharing. Encourage your kids to give out pieces of candy to different family members. Teach them how good sharing feels!


  • Seek balance. Be sure to mix their intake of sweets with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, or granola bars. Don’t let them snack on sweets alone and try not to let them eat snacks at night, close to bedtime.


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Halloween does not have to be a nightmare for parents or dentists! Be cautious of how your kids manage their sweets and they will enjoy the holidays much more.


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