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New Year Resolutions for You and Your Kids

Let’s be honest, most new year resolutions last a couple of weeks. By the end of January, most of us have already broken them or forgotten them altogether. This is why this year you should focus on resolutions you can make as a family. It is easier to stick to group resolutions rather than individual ones. This way, you can remind and help each other to make sure your resolutions last more than just a few weeks.


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1.  Connect by disconnecting.


Yes, technology is great and all, but it tends to get in the way of family time. Make a family resolution this year to give up technology for a brief period of time every day. Turn all electronics off an hour before bedtime and use that time to connect with your kids without any interruptions. Try not to use electronics for the first hour after you wake up as well.



2. Get healthy!


This is a resolution that is easier done as a group. Make small changes to your diet; replace soda with juice and sugary desserts with fruit. Opt to walk or ride your bikes to the grocery store instead of driving. Go to the park, join a sports team, go rock climbing, get active! Help each other stick to this resolution by encouraging healthy habits, staying active, and having balanced meals.



3. Read, read, read.


Revitalize this habit that seems to be getting lost among the next generations. Set a goal of a number of books you want to read this coming year. Sit down and let everyone in the family choose a book they are interested in reading. Assign a few weeks to each book and read them together. Stick to consistency; try to read a few pages every night. Don’t forget to discuss the book once you are done with it!


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4. Practice being nice.


This one sounds easy, but it’s an important one. Remind each other to be thankful, polite, and generous. Take a few minutes at night to reflect on your day. How could you have been better? What did you do that was good? Go out of your way to make people smile. Remember, small gestures go a long way.


2019 is right around the corner. Use this fresh start to encourage your loved ones to be better. Use their support to stick to your resolutions this year.


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