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Out with the old, in with the new

The New Year is here, filled with new hope and resolutions for many. As parents, you probably have some things you’d like to accomplish; one of them may be to get more organized. When you have kids that task can seem impossible. It’s amazing how much stuff someone so little can accumulate. It’s even more overwhelming after the holidays when there’s a good chance your child has added to their pile of toys and things. But, there are three simple ways you can start the New Year off fresh. It’s a case of out with the old and in with the new.



It’s one word, but it goes a long way in the world of organization. Use the six-month rule. If your child has outgrown a toy or hasn’t played with it in six months, it’s time to say goodbye! The key here is to do it when your little one is sleeping or not around. Suddenly a toy they haven’t played with in six months will become their favorite once you try to take it away.




Where do all of these toys go? Well, if they’ve served their purpose and have stains beyond a Mr. Clean bar’s magic then it’s time for them to meet Mr. Garbage Bag. But, if they still have some play time left in them you can donate them or even try to sell them on consignment. The choice is yours! As long as they’re not in your house it’s a win-win.

The same 6-month rule applies for clothes. If your child has grown out of them it’s time to say goodbye.


Bin Besties

If you’re trying to organize but can’t see the floor of your living room or play room, that’s a problem.



One of the best organizing tips is to get all of those toys sorted in bins. Bins will become your BFFs once you get started. Ones without lids may be best so that your little one can still grab a toy when he wants instead of calling you every five minutes. You can use one bin for puzzles, one for games, one for music toys, etc., you get the idea. Although they won’t stay sorted for long they will stay off your floor. This may also be a great time to teach your child to put toys away in the bin when they’re done if they aren’t doing so already.


Get Label Crazy

As you’re putting toys in bins and organizing them, labeling boxes and bins is also a good idea. This is especially helpful if you’re using bins that are not see-through. This way you can have some idea of what’s inside without having to dump it out on the floor. That would be counter-productive! You can also use the labels to teach letters to your children.



Teach your child his ABC’s while giving yourself a lesson in organization. It’s a great way to be a multi-tasking momma.

Organizing doesn’t have to be difficult if you just keep it simple and remember to take it one bin at a time!

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