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Prosperous China

This January Rock n Roll celebrated Sarah Kellar’s 5 year work anniversary! Sarah’s unique ability to work with each age group seamlessly makes her our star at wss, we are so thankful!

She is so sweet and one of the friendliest people ever. She once made a sound box for toddlers to explore and I saw children’s eyes gleaming while they used it, she loves doing art and draws for the kids so they love working with her. – Cassie, Director East Cambridge

Sarah is always at eye level with children and always so kind to the children showing patience. I worked with her for a year and enjoyed it because she is so helpful in the classroom! – Shelly, Toddler Lead teacher.



In December we wrapped up our studies on Russia and began studying China. Children also had a musical performance based on a Russian Folktale, at a high school theater followed by a holiday school singalong!


Lets take a look at what the busy bees were up to..

In the toddler classrooms children explored Faberge, the best known jeweler ever to come out of Russia and the famous Faberge  egg-shaped treasures. 

Children looked at images of of Faberge and made their own.

In the toddler 2 classroom, children started learning about China and did many crafts. They also did some language work on the letter and practiced some practical life skills.

Learning about the map of China
Making Chinese fans


Children also learned the meaning of the flag and what each thing represents.


Painting “J” pictures


Children start practicing cutting with child scissors in at an early age, giving them a chance to explore and strengthen their fine motor movements.


Practicing snap buttons and lacing


Our favorite activity, pouring 🙂


Learning a Chinese song with Ms Nesli in Music class


For December Preschool wrapped up the Russia curriculum, with an extra focus on Russian artists. The children especially enjoyed learned about Kandisky, an important abstract artist, and have utilized learned techniques from the activity into other creative outlets.


Additionally, throughout the month students learned about holidays around the world, including where they’re celebrated, how, and why. they used this to connect deeper meanings, such as respect, integrity, and honesty into their every day lives.

In another Preschool, children explored the winter, and got festive around the holidays.

Making ornaments for holiday tree


Exploring winter sensory bin with arctic animals


Children collected and made different ornaments to decorate the tree!


Exploring sound cylinders from our sensorial shelves, working on sharpening that sense of hearing.


A newer child built the Montessori Roman arch with the teacher and watched it stay up after removing the supporting beam!


Sorting colors with animals based on the Chinese Zodiac


Exploring Chinese letter making


Looking at a “suitcase” from China

Children also read many folktales on China and learned about its geography. They learned the importance of farming and appreciation for animals through various stories and looked at how the Forbidden City was built.

They really enjoyed their Holiday singling with other classrooms too!

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