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Shekere all day

world song schools younglings have been busy beating the heat over the summer, with plenty of water play, indoor activities, field-trips  and cooling snacks and drinks. The infants and toddlers at one location have been exploring their new indoor play structure and gross motor space, especially on very hot/rainy days. Older children also use this space for physical development when needed, they practice climbing, balancing and build strength during their daily physical activity time.

We also began studying the country of South Africa this month!

Crawling inside play structure


Some toddlers have been working on their grip by practicing holding different items such as writing implements and such masks. They practice grabbing and pinching and learned the motion of moving hands and fingers along a paper. Children usually learn naturally how to hold writing implements, but practicing early builds a good foundation and sets them up for other practical life exercises such as self serving, putting on shoes or even playing the piano!



The school has been busy learning about South African instruments, tunes and beats, as well as learning songs to perform at our annual Carnecue event! Phil, our music director also showed children jumpy straws for better understanding of timing in music.


Toddlers exploring different vehicles in water


With the plethora of animals in the African dessert and grasslands, teachers thought it to be fitting to learn about them. As they explored children discovered the feline animals have similar skin/coats and some animals have hooves while others have paws! This lead them to understand some differences between herbivores vs carnivores along with their habitats. This type of child- lead curriculum with teacher guidance and objectives is what we strive for in all our classes, even the toddlers!


Toddlers worked together to make a sunset mural


A work to distinguish between various paws and hooves


Looking for bugs at the park

Our South African Ambassador came to visit and showed children many authentic items and told some stories too. He introduced the shakere (a hand shaker with seeds wrapped around it) and other instruments too. Children learned about Nelson Mendala and the changes he brought to South Africa, as well as about the apartheid.

Looking at items from SA





outdoor activities in the sun!


Summer art project

Some preschoolers went on a field trip to the museum of science, as they were learning all about space. They were lucky enough to see the new NASA exhibit and delve further into gravity and intricacies of space travel. They completed their India unit and began  studying South Africa; the two favorite books were “Desmond and the very mean word” and “Goal” based on true stories and the historical culture of SA.

They were also introduced to the “Montessori Golden beads” a work which seems so complex at first, but is deceptively simple, especially for children. It helps children understand place value or the Base 10 system, very early on in a concrete way, after which they gradually move to more abstract numbers.


Inside a model of the International Space Station


Checking air pressure


Older preschoolers learned to count and recognize bigger numbers


Working on distinguishing size, gaining depth perception


One of our favorite new works are the Montessori Golden beads! This work allows children to understand and manipulate big quantities in a very simple fashion.


Weaving yarn in the loom


Creating a matching pattern


Mr. Maxwell reading a book


Preschoolers also worked on making some South African sunsets, with the help of silhouettes


Using the Shekere with ms Alice in the music corner


Every month, children have drawing class, they learned to make Giraffes this time, pertaining to South Africa.


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