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Snowed-in February

In February world song schools celebrated Chinese New Year by singing Songs from the cultural heritage book and watching a performance with a dragon dance, on our International night. We also explored Black History month and spread some love on Valentines day! Here is how the babies kept busy in February

Exploring different skin colors with paint, making handprints


Sitting up and playing the classroom piano


Some water play


Peeling and pasting dot stickers on paper for fine motor practice

In a Toddler classroom children explored similar themes and  also worked on some of their own skills. They made moon sand for their sensory bin which had them pouring, measuring, mixing ingredients as well as feeling different textures. They also played some puzzle games to further their thinking.

Putting together Moon Sand


Matching and recognizing shapes

In another classroom children explored different families and “the self” by looking at portraits and their own names. They also looked at other friends’ names and faces and played matching games! Children see their names on their cubbies, cups and all over the classroom all day long, this helps them learn everyones names and gives early exposure to letters without direct instruction.


Looking at self portraits


Reading The family book by Todd Parr


Exploring construction site sensory play!

Older Toddlers explored some “Grace and courtesy” exercises by talking about polite conversation, learned about gentle touches and gave hugs. They also made love bug hats! Children also did some planting together and cleaned the windows; by learning to take care of their plants, watching them overtime and observing their growth, children learn to care for their environment and others. Helping children learn to love and care are important goals in all our classrooms!

Making love bug hats


Planting in the classroom


Washing the classroom window

Children also  clipped pins on name cards to practice fine motor strength as well as remember some letters.

Montessori work time in the morning

Our Preschoolers were busy bees this month! For president’s day, one of the classrooms learned about a very important job presidents all over the world have, meeting at the United Nations. They created our own mini United Nations of Preschool by solving all problems, big and small, from putting out fires to helping feed people who don’t have enough food. They also tried new foods such as sushi by using chopsticks.

Enjoying a food tasting


Making costumes for Chinese international night


Showing off the fans preschoolers made!
Two Preschool classrooms also exchanged valentines cards and letters across schools!


Our ambassador to China came to visit all the classrooms this month too and showed children how to use chopsticks, different noodles and taught them all about customs on Chinese New year. Children also learned some greetings and received red envelopes with some “Money” as a sign for good luck! Children also made a mural and learned all about Black history through books and did many valentines crafts.

Attempting to pick up noodles


Sorting colored beads and inserting them through pipe cleaners


Learning and teaching how to play Tic Tac Toe

Children also explored their feelings and talked about expressing themselves in healthy ways, one of our favorites is Art! Children drew their feelings through line art without drawing any objects or representations, then painted them with water colors. The paintings were hung up in the classroom and children all got a chance to talk about theirs’ and others paintings, acknowledging everyone’s feelings.

Looking at different feelings stones


Drawing and painting feelings


Chinese international night


The dragon dance



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