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I Spent My Childhood Outdoors and This is Why Your Children Should Too.

Whether it was riding my bicycle around my neighborhood pretending it was a motorcycle, making mud cakes, going on treasure hunts, making and selling perfume out of strong smelling flowers, or simply laying on the grass underneath the sun with a soccer ball waiting for someone to come out and play with me, the outdoors was where I spent my childhood and I cannot be more appreciative of it.

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I know what you must be thinking, times change. Technology is a fast-growing thing that reaches a younger and larger audience every day; however, while this might influence it certainly should not determine how much time your child is able to spend outside.


I owe a lot of my current creativity, coordination, and social skills to the time spent outdoors as a child. If you were to ask me why your child should spend more time outside, my response would be: well, because it’s fun! It’s unpredictable, exciting, and always an adventure. Your children will likely come back home soaked in sweat, covered in dirt, or with a painful abdomen from laughing so much. However, if you asked an expert, they would list various benefits, both mental and physical, of spending time outside.


In her article, Allyson Hepp details some of the benefits of kids playing outside including, better attention span, higher Vitamin D levels, less stress, better vision, and better social skills. Playing outside will help your children develop essential life skills and will keep them active and healthy.

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The outdoors teaches kids how to entertain themselves, it helps them explore their potential and challenge their creativity, and it fosters a sense of responsibility and self-care. Playing outside is not only incredibly fun, but it is also educational, healthy, and extremely beneficial for children.


Trust me, or trust the experts, we both agree that children who spend their time outside will grow to be more experienced, more thoughtful, and more social. Encourage them to go outside and entertain themselves, and they eventually will.


Isabella Arteaga

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