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Rock n Roll “flew” to South Korea this month with children, and welcomed Spring, amongst other work topics. Throughout centers, children were observing the signs of Spring and how they feel during this season; the consensus was that of GLEE!

Rock and Roll teachers help children focus on gaining skills and knowledge through themes studied throughout the year. Some themes maybe the same across the board and some might vary so children and teachers have creative freedom. Here is how some younglings focused on gaining strength and hand eye coordination through sensorial experiences; using all 5 senses to learn!

While painting with feet, some toddlers giggled through their bellies while others expressed icky feelings! Some banged on the drums while others listened to the beat; these sensorial experiences help children sharpen all their senses through exposure, for better learning.

Leaves are beginning to bud, grass is starting to sprout and Preschoolers and certainly noticing it. On their nature walks they discussed natural changes in the environment and began their favorite activity- planting and gardening. Some preschoolers even planted peppers and herbs, they are eager to see the results!

Exploring insects and their lifecycles is undeniably one of the best ways for young children to understand the ever changing seasons, reproduction, and story of life and death. Photos below highlight children learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and bugs in Spring.

Children looked at some geography in South Korea by looking at the map and neighboring countries, as well as the land inside. They also looked at surrealism and realism Art for explorations in the afternoon and used color tablets to find the hues in the paintings. The South Korean Ambassador also visited all the centers!


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