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Sweet Parent-Child Date Ideas


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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and while the holiday is usually spent with a romantic partner, it’s also a great excuse to show your kids how much you love them. Cards and candy are always appreciated, but why not take your child on a fun parent-child date? From visiting the fire station to cooking to making paper airplanes, there are a ton of awesome things you can do with your child. You’ll both be feeling the love.

Read on to get some great parent-child date ideas.


  • Get cooking


Cooking with your child is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening. Go buy the ingredients together, let him pick the recipe, and/or give him cooking duties. Not only is this a great way to bond, but you’ll end up with some (hopefully) delicious treats!


  • Visit the fire station


Most kids love visiting the fire station, and fire stations enjoy showing off their equipment and facilities to kids. You’ll probably get a kick out of seeing the shiny fire trucks, long fire hoses, and firefighter uniforms, too! Call your local fire station to see if it’s possible to stop by and try to arrange a tour; if they can’t, there might be an open house at the fire station soon.


  • Paper airplane fun


Grab some paper (and maybe some folding instructions for different versions), and get to folding! You can fly your planes in the backyard, inside your house if the weather isn’t cooperating, or even a park.


  • Go on a nature adventure


Explore the great outdoors—or maybe even the area around your house. Make it fun by packing a backpack full of “supplies” such as water, snacks, a compass, or whatever else you think you’ll need for your adventure, and then head out to a nearby trail or other outdoor area. You can collect leaves, look for bugs, and more!


  • Dinner and a movie


This classic date is fun for kids, too! Let your child choose their favorite restaurant and then catch a flick together. This is an especially good idea if there is a movie one of your children wants to see but the other doesn’t. Spend some time after the movie talking about your child’s favorite part.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by taking your child on a fun parent-child date. These outings are a great way to spend some one-on-one (or two-on-one) time with your child, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy it as much as they do!


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