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Technology Is Making Early Childhood Education Better and Safer

Handing children over to strangers and trusting them to educate and take care of them every weekday is not an easy thing to ask of parents. However, thankfully the rise of technology is rapidly and efficiently making this task easier on parents. Technology is not only helping improve education in early childhood centers, but their safety as well.


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According to the guide on ‘Technology and Early Childhood Education.’ developed by, “technology is being used to increase security, learning, and classroom organization in early childhood education centers across the country.” But how exactly? Here are 6 different ways that technology is positively molding early childhood center’s education and safety, which are listed in ATTPlans’ guide.



  • Biometric Technology

Biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanners, are being implemented in childhood centers for “visitor management and entry control” as a way to keep tabs on who kids are dropped off and picked up by.


  • Surveillance Cameras

While not exactly “new” safety technology, some childhood centers are upgrading this common safety measure to allow parents to live stream their child’s classes on their electronic devices, allowing them to check up on the quality of their care and education.


  • Interactive Whiteboards

Many childhood centers are beginning to incorporate technology education into their lesson plans, and what better way to teach this than by letting kids use it themselves?


  • E-readers and Tablets

Childhood centers are embracing the fact that kids these days are growing up exposed to different electronic devices and adopting these in the classroom to incorporate different medias into teachings.


  • Attendance Tracking

Making attendance electronic and disregarding the old-fashioned pen and paper idea, gives education centers the ability to better monitor student’s drop offs and pick ups, absences, health information, and much more in one single, organized location.


  • Classroom Organization

App like Trendy allow teachers and parents to communicate more effectively about their children’s activities. Technology can help organize this the inevitable childhood classroom chaos by sending information about kids in real time to parents.


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With technology on their side, parents can be more at ease as they can keep track of their children while they are at school and be more confident as their children’s education continues to improve and prove more effective each day.


Isabella Arteaga

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