Huron Village WorldSong Schools

The Impressionists

In September wss held its annual carneque event; graduating preschoolers got their certificates and sang a goodbye song, along with songs from South Africa.



Friends and family enjoyed music, dancing, magic and many activities!


In Toddler classes children worked on their Practical life skills to gain some independence. They practiced spreading and slicing with a knife, to help prepare their own snack. Since this a big responsibility for toddlers to master teachers help them practice it from time to time in their daily routine.


Toddlers explored the solar system by learning simple vocabulary and created their own
planets with a sensorial art activity.


They also watched a science experiment with food colored vinegar and baking soda. Children used pipettes to create colorful fizz, by using the hand motion of picking it up and dropping the vinegar in.


Preschool enjoyed the last month of summer together before the new year exploring all across time, from the Big Bang to dinosaurs to medieval ages! 


With a focus on science, they learned about energy with catapults, life cycles, and how the dinosaurs went extinct.


They finished the South Africa curriculum by making miniature papier-mâché masks using construction paper and water bottles.


In October, they began learning about France. A French Ambassador visited with real items from France for children to explore.


On Art Friday, preschoolers learned about an Impressionist painter Claude Monet by looking at his paintings and style. They also made their own versions of The Sunflower.


Children got to work with and explore a suitcase from France; they smelled French lavender soap, counted and added Euro coins and looked at some city maps and photos together. Interacting through their senses helps children learn in more meaningful ways.


Some older children are learning to care for themselves and the environment; children can do this activity for as long as they want, and some spent hours one simple morning thoroughly cleaning a couple chairs or table. They also learn to clean their own mess.

Plucking seeds from a Sunflower head


While some children explored a Fall sensory bin with animals which begin to migrate or hibernate, others used object and sound baskets and did some alphabet puzzles.

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