Huron Village WorldSong Schools

We’ve Won “Best of Boston 2017”!




The world song schools Community is ecstatic to announce we’ve been awarded the “Best of Boston 2017” by Boston Magazine for being part of what makes the city so great.




Click here to read a little reminder of world song schools’s creation, the ultimate love story. Our founder and CEO Chris Vuk created world song schools out of love for at first his daughter, and now his three sons as well.

Another remarkable highlight are the three children organizations that we support internationally as part of our whole hearted mission. They include:

Photo by Anna Arteaga

Not to mention world song schools’s main highlights:

  • Music
  • Food
  • Convenience
  • Technology
  • Indoor Exercise/Play/Instructional Area
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Teacher Training Center
  • Parent Education

Thank you to everyone who has helped us become the Best of Boston 2017!


Anna Arteaga

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