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At WorldSong Schools Daycare in Huron Village, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, and enriching environment where children can embark on a journey of growth, learning, and play. Our daycare center is a place where children embark on a journey of discovery of music and cultures of the world, experiencial learning, and play.​

Why Choose Us?​

Parent Partneship

We value open communication with parents and involve you in your child’s journey.


Montessori Approach

Our Montessori-inspired environment empowers children to explore at their own pace, promoting a deep sense of self-discovery and curiosity.

Music Education

Through our musical learning program, your child will develop not only a lifelong appreciation for music but also enhanced cognitive and social skills.

Experienced Team

Our passionate educators are highly qualified and committed to your child’s well-being.


Safety First

We prioritize safety with secure facilities and rigorous protocols.

Healthy Nutrition​

Our daycare provides nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks, prepared with fresh ingredients and tailored to meet the dietary needs of your child.


Meet Sandra Germain - Our Dedicated Director​

Sandra is not just a daycare director; she is a passionate advocate for the role of music in child development. Her belief in the power of music to enhance learning and growth is at the core of her educational philosophy.

In Sandra's world, directing a childcare center is not just a job; it's a calling. It's a chance to inspire, to instill a lifelong love for music and learning, and to shape the future by unlocking the potential in every child.

Unpacking potential

Sandra firmly believes in the untapped potential within each child. To her, every child is a unique individual with a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. She understands that the early years are crucial for laying the foundation of a child's future, and she is committed to providing an environment where this potential can flourish.

Creating the Optimal Learning Environment​

Sandra's dedication to child development extends to the creation of the best possible learning environment. She knows that children thrive in spaces where they feel safe, supported, and inspired. Through careful planning and a keen eye for detail, Sandra ensures that every aspect of her center is designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning.

Elevating her Team

One of the most rewarding aspects of directing the center, according to Sandra, is the opportunity to elevate her staff. She understands that the quality of care and education provided to children is directly linked to the dedication and expertise of her team. Sandra takes pride in mentoring and nurturing her staff, empowering them to become exceptional educators who make a lasting impact on the lives of the children they serve.

Meet Our Operator - Vishal Iyer​

I’m originally an inmigrant from India, and I’ve been living in Cambridge for the past 12 years. I really like being part of the community, and my kids also go to school here.I love living here. As I looked at opportunities to invest in a local business that really provides a lot of value, world song schools is the perfect opportunity that provides the right learning environment for kids, with their music-oriented and Montessori curriculum. I am really excited to be part of the WorldSong Schools.


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